H. Cross Company is a specialty metal fabricator tailoring all projects to our customer’s specifications for over 75 years.

H. Cross Company was established in 1939 as a family owned business. Started by Henry and Charles McClary in the family home to fill the needs of companies requiring refractory metal ribbon, strip and wire. Over the following decades we expanded to four buildings and the fabrication of other materials and alloys such as precious metals, nickel and super alloys, stainless steels and many others. Recently, in 2009, the entire company was consolidated into a larger 31,500 square foot facility further enhancing our ability to respond to customer requests.

These materials are fabricated for uses such as Spectrographic filaments, Medical devices, Electronic equipment, Defense systems, Halogen, Short Arc, Metal Halide Lighting and many others. We were the first company capable of rolling tungsten and molybdenum ribbon to thicknesses below .0005”.

Throughout the years, using superior research and development by our engineering staff, we are consistently improving upon our processes and remain the state of the art in the field. We have often accomplished what was thought to be impossible.

Microwaves Award 1968 - Tailored your Way
Company Firsts
  • First to roll tungsten and molybdenum ribbons
  • First and is the only one to roll tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium, tantalum and other metals to a tolerance of .00005″
  • First and only firm to roll tungsten to .001″ and molybdenum to .0005″
  • First and only firm to roll rhenium, rhenium tungsten and tungsten below .001″ on a production basis
  • First to make elliptically shaped ribbons for the lamp seal industry