H. Cross Company can supply Inconel in two alloys, Alloy 600 and Alloy X-750. The different properties of the two alloys will be shown side by side for comparison purposes.

Chemistry By % Weight

Alloy 600 Alloy X-750
C 0.08% Max 0.15% Max
Cr 14-17% 14-17%
Cu 0.5% Max 0.5% Max
Fe 5-9% 6-10%
Mn 1% Max 1% Max
Ni 70% Min 72% Min
S 0.01% Max 0.015 Max
Si 0.5% Max 0.5% Max
Co 1% Max
Nb 0.7-1.2%
Ti 2.25-2.75%
Al 0.4-1%

Typical Mechanical Properties

Alloy 600 Alloy X-750
Ultimate Tensile Strength 95,000 PSI 181,000 PSI
Yield Strength 45,000 PSI 123,000 PSI
Elongation @ Break 45% 30%

All figures for Alloy 600 are at room temperature, annealed temper.

All figures for Alloy x-750 are at room temperature, precipitate hardened

Typical Physical Properties

Alloy 600 Alloy X-750
Density 0.306 lbs/cu in 0.299 lbs/cu in
Melting Point 1384° C 1410° C
Electrical Resistivity @ RT 10.3 Microhm-cm 12.2 Microhm-cm
Thermal Conductivity @ RT 14.9 W/m-K 12 W/m-K

Alloy 600 Inconel is a nickel chromium alloy with good oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures, resistance to stress corrosion cracking, caustic corrosion and ultra high purity water corrosion. Typical applications include furnace components, chemical and food processing, nuclear engineering and sparking electrodes.

Alloy x-750 Inconel is similar to alloy 600 but is hardenable due to the addition of Ti and Al. In addition to good corrosion and oxidation resistance it also has high tensile strength and creep properties to around 700° C. Its resistance to relaxation makes it suitable for high temperature springs and it is also used in rocket engines, nuclear reactors, aircraft, tooling and pressure vessels.


H. Cross Company can provide Inconel in wire, ribbon, strip, sheet and foil sizes to suit your particular needs. Please refer to our Typical Dimension and Tolerances page for general size ranges of products. If you do not see your required size list Contact Us by email or phone for further information or assistance.