H. Cross Company has proudly introduced our new 31,500 square foot facility at 150 West Commercial Avenue, Moonachie, NJ 07074.

In 2014, H. Cross Company was proud to announce the Anniversary of our 75th year in business serving the metal industry with tight tolerance refractory and other metals and alloys for your ever more exacting material applications.

We would like to announce the addition of two new high temperature strand furnaces that have been brought online in our heat treating department which will allow us superior heat zone temperature control along with much longer heat zones improving overall throughput speed by up to 40% versus our older design furnaces which they are replacing.

We have also totally rebuilt our 1650 C high temperature furnace from the inside out with all new elements, cabling, elements, connections and heat zone fire bricks.


Newly-rebuilt high-temperature Rhenium/Moly Rhenium furnace

1650C Furnace hot zone


Small Tube 1200C Furnace

Additionally, we have fully upgraded a 1250 C furnace to enhance our annealing capabilities for rhenium and moly rhenium production. We have again increased throughput dropping delivery times.

We have invested over $200,000 in equipment upgrades in the past 2 years to increase our heat treating capacity, heat treating control and throughput speeds. We are hoping to replace all remaining furnaces with new models during the next three years further enhancing our ability to deliver product in rapid fashion made to your ever more exacting specifications. Whether the product produced be for electronic, military, medical, lighting or any other application, H. Cross Company is the supplier to meet your needs.

Below are some photos of our newly refurbished facility and some of our associated equipment. Most of the equipment was totally refurbished upon moving and we also introduced our new Heat treating furnace which expanded our capabilities in the Rhenium and Moly Rhenium production area.

This move has allowed us to better respond to customer requests and enhance our productivity by eliminating redundant systems and streamlining our manufacturing capabilities. We decided it was time to take the company to the next level and keep moving forward in serving your needs even after 75 years in business.

We will have photos and other items listed online as they become available but we plan on using this increased space to add newer and more equipment especially in heat treating, testing and production cutting. We look forward to working with you all in the future and we will do our best to ensure the great service H. Cross Company has always been known for. Our new and enhanced facility location and contact numbers are listed below.

One view of plant floor in our 31,500 sq ft facilityshopfloor-overview


Electrolytic Etching Lamp Seal Material AreaElectrolytic Etching Lamp Seal Material


New high-temperature strand furnace


New high-temperature strand furnace


New upgraded Rhenium/Moly furnaceUpgraded-Rhenium-Moly-Furnace-Side
Testing roomTesting-Room