H Cross Company supplies Platinium and Iridium ribbons and strips

Physical Properties

Annealed Condition  
90/10 Plat Iridium 80/20 Plat Iridium
Density 21.53 g/cc 21.61 g/cc

Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile
  55,100 PSI   100,000 PSI
Electrical Resistivity .000025 ohm-cm .000031 ohm-cm
Hardness Brinell 130 200


The alloy 90/10 plat iridium, containing 10 per cent iridium, has very good all round manufacturing characteristics: it can be cast, welded, machined and stamped; it is ductile and malleable; can be hardened through working; and does not readily oxidize. Because of these advantages 90/10 Plat Iridium has traditionally been one of the most important jewelry alloys used in the USA, although there has recently been a swing toward alloys of 95/5 Plat Iridium. Some manufacturers in Germany and Japan also prefer the 95/5 alloy. The 80/20 Plat Iridium alloy is very hard and dense, and is sometimes used in the production of fine wirework.

Some uses for platinum iridium alloys include pacemakers, used to treat heart disorders that result in slow or irregular heartbeat, usually contain at least two platinum-iridium electrodes, through which pulses of electricity are transmitted to stabilize the heartbeat.

Other uses of platinum iridium alloys include electrical contacts, spark plugs, electro explosive devices, medical leads and electrodes, thermistors, catalytic applications, jewelry, pen points, surgical pins or pivots and the kilogram and meter standards used by the department of weights and measures.

Fabrication and Forms

Platinum-Iridium is generally available as wire spooled onto spools or random length piece rod, strip, ribbon, foil or sheet. H. Cross Company can provide this material in wire sizes from .005″ diameter up to .100″ diameter, strips and ribbons from .0005″ thick to .020″ thick and from .020″ to .100″ wide and in sheet or foil form from .0005″ thick to .020″ thick and up to 2″ wide. Please email us if you have needs outside of these ranges, as we will always try to be of assistance for your specific requests.


Each H. Cross Company product is delivered in packaging specifically designed for the product’s application. As an example, wire is furnished on returnable plastic reels, each containing a single length of wire measuring 10 feet minimum. Strips, Ribbons, Sheets and foils are flat packed to prevent damage during shipping. If required, H. Cross Company can adapt standard packaging methods or develop new ones for your special needs.