H. Cross Company is a specialist in Refractory Metals fabrication including:

rhenium-rolling-sNb Columbium/Niobium
HF Hafnium
Ir  Iridium
Mo Molybdenum & Alloys
Re Rhenium & Alloys
Ta Tantalum
W Tungsten & Alloys

Refractory metals are the group of elements in the Periodic Table that exhibit very high resistance to Heat, Corrosion and Wear while exhibiting the highest melting points of any elements (2468 C/4474F to 3410 C/6170 F). The refractory metals most commonly used are Hafnium, Iridium. Molybdenum, Niobium/Columbium, Tantalum, Titanium, Tungsten, Rhenium and Zirconium.