H. Cross Company Testing Capabilities

In addition to helping you with your fabrication needs H. Cross Company can also provide technical assistance and testing on your existing products as well.

H. Cross Company can perform a wide range of testing of materials including the following:

Hardness Testing

H. Cross Company Hardness Tester ScreenH. Cross Company can provide hardness testing results in Rockwell B,C,15-45N or T Scales and microhardness testing in either Vickers or Knoop Scales. You can be assured that the product you are using meets all your specifications regarding hardness. Illustrated are several examples of hardness testing units used for testing different materials.

Tensile Strength Testing

H. Cross Company can provide cold tensile strength testing at loads ranging from 1Kg to 500 Kg (Extension Testing Only) on one of our two tensile strength machines. We can give you peak break loads, elongation percentages, PSI ranges and other parameters assuring conformance of your starting materials before they get used in production.

H. Cross Company Small Tensile Tester setupH. Cross Company Large Tensile Tester setup

Mechanical Inspection
H. Cross Company performs mechanical inspection with regularly calibrated micrometers that measure down to .00005″ or better tolerances. We may use either digital, mechanical or laser micrometers depending on your requirements to ensure that the product you receive will be within required specifications.

Digital MicrometerSuper-micrometer copper foil testing

Eddy Current Testing

H. Cross Company Eddy Current TesterH. Cross Company can perform Eddy
Current Testing on most wires and ribbon up to .0984″ width or diameter to ensure that your products are split free for use in your production. We have two testers available that offer testing frequencies from 100 khz to 3 mhz and coils sizes from .3 mm to 2.5 mm in size. We regularly test all of our tungsten ribbons and wire to ensure the highest quality products available anywhere.

inverted-microscope-s1Metallographic Inspection

H. Cross Company can perform metallographic inspection of critical materials to determine grain size, surface conditions, edge conditions and more. We can use one of our three microscopes, two optical comparators or other equipment to help ensure our products meet the most rigid specifications that may be required for aerospace, nuclear or other applications.

optical-comparator-s stereo-microscope-s