H. Cross Company Processing Capabilities

H. Cross Company can perform a wide range of processing tasks on all types of materials including the following:

H Cross Company shop floor processing and testing

  • Rolling
  • Drawing
  • Heat Treating
  • Cut Pieces
  • Slitting
  • Annealing
  • Electropolishing
  • Re-Drawing
  • Re-rolling
  • Toll-rolling
  • Slitting


We can process materials down to .0003″ thickness and tolerances of .000025″ when necessary.

Surface finishes down to 2 micro-inch are possible with our special polished rolling equipment.

(See specific material for Typical Dimensions and Tolerances of products.)


Wire drawing from .125″ down to .002″
(See specific material for Typical Dimensions and Tolerances of products.)


H. Cross Company can redraw existing wire diameters to smaller and tighter tolerance diameters on one of our draw benches.

ShearingCut Pieces

We can provide ribbon, strips and wire custom cut to length from .050″ to 48″ long with minimal or no burrs with excellent flatness. (Contact Us for more specific information.)


We can slit materials as narrow as .020″ depending on the thickness and widths up to 6″ wide depending on material.

(See specific material for Typical Dimensions and Tolerances of products.)

Heat Treating

We can provide finished product in all tempers from dead soft annealed to spring temper.

We can strand anneal products in self-generated hydrogen or in argon atmosphere furnaces to temperatures of 1300 C. We also have a 1650 C high temperature hydrogen atmosphere furnace and a 2500 C hydrogen atmosphere sintering furnace for specialized applications. (Contact Us for more specific information.)

Hydrogen Generator

H Cross Company Hogen Series Hydrogen Generator

2500 C Sintering Furnace

1650 C Furnace1650C-High-Temp-Furnace


We can electro-polish your materials to improve surface finish for critical applications.


We can re-roll most products up to 3″ wide if you have obsolete inventory due to product/design changes. We are capable of rolling most materials down to .001″ or lower. Why waste material when we may be able to re-manufacture it to fit your newer requirements.


We can fabricate customer-supplied materials to suit R & D projects, specialized customer requirements or anything else you cannot perform in house.