H. Cross Company can supply Monel in two Grades Type 400 and Type 404. The two alloys are listed side by side to illustrate the difference between the two even though they are used in similar applications.

Chemistry By % Weight

Type 400 Monel Type 404 Monel
C 0.3% Max C 0.15% Max
Cu 28-34% Max Cu 45.5% Max
Fe 2.5% Max Fe 0.5% Max
Mn 2% Max Mn 0.1% Max
Ni 63% Min Ni 52-57%
(Nickel Content includes Cobalt)
S 0.024% S 0.024 Max
Si 0.5% Max Si 0.1% Max
Al 0.05% Max
Typical Mechanical Properties
Ultimate Tensile Strength 79,500 PSI (Annealed Temper)
Yield Strength 34,500 PSI (Annealed Temper)
Elongation @ Break 48%
Modulus of Elasticity 24500 KSI
Poisson’s Ratio 0.295

Typical Physical Properties

400 Monel 404 Monel
Density 0.318 lbs/cu in 0.322 lbs/cu in
Melting Point 1325° C
Electrical Resistivity @ RT 5.47 Microhm-cm 5 Microhm-cm
Thermal Conductivity @  RT 21.8 W/m-k

Monel types 400 & 404 are nickel copper alloys with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance to sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and alkalis. Typical applications for this material include marine use, chemical processing, fasteners, heat exchangers and pump parts.


H. Cross Company can provide Monel in wire, ribbon, strip, sheet and foil sizes to suit your particular needs. Please refer to our Typical Dimension and Tolerances page for general size ranges of products. If you do not see your required size list Contact Us by email or phone for further information or assistance.